ZONSON Smart Auto autonomous driving minibus shines at 2019 5th AEME

On September 20th, 2019 5th AEME (Exposition for Investment and Trade of Advanced Equipment Manufacturing in West Bank of the Pearl River) was held at Shunde-Foshan-China. Among the many exhibitors, ZONSON Smart Auto’s newly developed highly autonomous driving minibus and 7-series pure electric bus have attracted many VIPs from various countries who came to attend the event to experience the vehicle personally.

Yao Yisheng - the Mayor of Zhuhai City, has highly appreciated the active investment and product R&D capability from ZONSON on the autonomous driving technology after attending our booth.

With a brand new interior & exterior modeling and highly technological and modern senses, the highly autonomous driving minibus can be mainly used for the exemplary operations of autonomous driving in L3 closed park scenario and is able to realize the switch between autonomous and manual. Besides, the new minibus can easily achieve the functions like land keeping, overtaking, adaptive cruise control, U-turn, intersection automatic turning, Human - Computer Interaction and Automated Parking, etc. Moreover, in order to achieve a higher level autonomous driving, technical verification can be provided by which the minibus is self-developed from a bus platform and is integrated with ZTE 5G solution.

The minibus can provide 30% more low-floor area than similar products and more passengers on board. The front & rear axles are both using independent air suspension to improve riding comforts. According to the latest news, the minibus will be firstly operated at the headquarters base of ZONSON Smart Auto and can be experienced the tour in the park area there.

Aside from the minibus, the brand new 7-Series pure electric bus is another milestone of the company in 2019. The new 7-Series is using an independent overhead A/C and nice out-looking, broaden visibility, good riding comfort ability and excellent performance in economy, power and safety. It can fully satisfy the operational requirements on high-end customized routes by bus operators and it’s planned to achieve mass operation in Zhuhai city at the beginning of 2020.

2019 5th AEME is the 3rd time for ZONSON Smart Auto to take part in the event.

In 2017, the luxury pure electric bus was released in AEME.

In 2018, the hydrogen fuel-cell bus was released in AEME.

In 2019, the autonomous driving minibus and 7-Series pure electric bus.

Through the exhibitions for three consecutive years 2017-2019, ZONSON Smart Auto has actively demonstrated the company's product innovation capability and is expecting to provide more innovative products to the world.