E-Power New Sailing | Zonson Smart Auto new base completed and put into production & new car conference held

On November 28, "E-Power New Sailing" and "Zonson Smart Auto new base completed and put into production and new car conference" were held in Zhuhai. Zonson Smart Auto Corporation is a holding subsidiary of ZTE, a leading global provider of integrated communication solutions. In July 2016, Zonson Smart Auto Corporation set up and simultaneously launched the construction of the planned new base. The new base covers an area of 800,000 ㎡. The first phase of the construction area covers an area of 488,667㎡. It has three workshops, i.e. R & D center, test center, general assembly, welding and coating, U-shaped test track, etc. it has obtained new energy vehicle manufacturing qualification and chassis manufacturing qualification, and has achieved an annual output of 5000 new energy buses.

On behalf of the company, Mr. Jiang Daiwei, general manager of Zonson Smart Auto, welcomed the presence of leaders, guests, partners and media friends at the completion and production ceremony of the new base. Mr. Jiang Daiwei said that the past three years have been the most important starting stage of the company's development. The completion and operation of the base is only the first page of a new chapter in the development of Zonson.Zonson will adhere to the corporate vision of "smart auto, smart future", focus on customers, products, advanced technology R&D, based in Zhuhai, serve Zhuhai, radiate Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, actively expand the international market, and work with all sectors of society to become the backbone of promoting industry progress.

Up to now, ZTE has invested more than 1 billion yuan in Zonson Smart Auto. In 2019, ZTE will comprehensively promote 5g business. 5g technology is widely used in the field of automobile, which will become an important focus of China's automobile industry to realize overtaking in curve. Zonson Smart Auto will also take advantage of the 5g technology wave to comprehensively speed up the integrated application of Internet of vehicles technology and automatic driving technology, and actively contribute new strength to the construction of urban smart traffic in China

At present, the company's products cover 6-12 meters pure electric bus, luxury tourist coach, hydrogen fuel bus, autonomous bus and other self-developed models. Besides,three new products were released at this ceremony,including city bus, luxury coach and autonomous micro bus.

The autonomous micro bus is flexible in shape, with a total length of 6.8m, 12 standard seats and a range of 300km. By using v2x information interactive recognition、vehicle sensor and camera system, which can perceive the surrounding environment, realize lane changing overtaking, automatic parking and other functions. At present, the vehicle is mainly used for commuting in the old urban area or the park. Its front and back suspension are relatively short, which is to adapt to the application environment of the old urban area, such as narrow roads, many bends, steep slopes, etc., and effectively solve the last kilometer travel problem of passengers.