Our First Hydrogen Full Cell Bus On 2018 AEME

On December 17, the fourth Exposition For Investment and Trade of Advanced Equipment Manufacturing in West Bank of The Pearl River(hereinafter referred to as AEME) was opened. The first hydrogen fuel bus of Zonson Smart Auto officially showed in the AEME. In this fair, there are altogether 164 equipment enterprises in 8 cities, such as Foshan, Zhuhai and Zhongshan on the West Bank of the Pearl River, exhibiting 470 exhibits, focusing on the achievements of advanced equipment manufacturing industry of intelligent manufacturing. Zonson Smart Auto, as the representative of the leading enterprise in Zhuhai new energy automobile industry, was invited to participate in the exhibition and showed two smart buses, hydrogen fuel and pure electric. Among them, the hydrogen fuel cell bus,independent R&D of core key technologies, and the first time to show, has received extensive attention from the media of the leaders and guests attending the meeting.

The hydrogen fuel bus adopts the electric hybrid (fuel electric + lithium electric) driving mode, with a comprehensive endurance of more than 400km. The whole vehicle adopts the ultra short front suspension design, the front, middle and ultra wide passenger doors and one-stage step structure, which make it easier for passengers to pass . The air suspension is equipped with ECAS, which can rise, fall and kneel on one side, making it more comfortable.

In terms of control technology, Zonson Smart Auto has independent intellectual property rights of VCU. Meanwhile, it focuses on the R & D and application of HPCU \ FCU \ HMBR technology, and is committed to the continuous optimization of vehicle control strategy.

Hydrogen fuel cell bus has unique advantages in environmental protection, its power system is through the combination of hydrogen and oxygen to produce electrochemical reaction, electric energy to drive the motor to provide power, emissions for water, truly environmental protection without pollution.

The intelligent network management platform of the vehicle can realize real-time monitoring and transportation management of the whole vehicle, equipped with 360 look around, LDWS, FCW,IEC, driving safer, lower energy consumption, longer endurance and lower operation cost.

Hydrogen fuel cell bus and autonomous bus are two core technology R&D directions of Zonson Smart Auto. The company will continue to increase R & D resources investment in energy power and vehicle control system and key technology of automatic driving, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development.